USB addons

This might be a stupid question but here it is. This product has a lot of people excited. I just ordered it and an very anxious. I think you are going to find, looks like you are seeing it already, that with the open os you are using that there are unlimited possibilities for this system and even thought it is mostly designed for energy savings you are never going to rest with us asking for more support for a laundry list of different addons :slight_smile: From the looks of things and the way everyone is saying " you can use the extra USB port" it sounds like we don’t have a lot of room to expand. Is there a reason why we can’t hook up a hub for more dongles? I would also like to know what our options are for IR distribution. What hardware does Vera support for that? (a list of all hardware supported would be nice) I would like to hook up an IR dongle to a distribution block for injection, bluetooth dongle, IR learner, etc. Is there going to be enough room. By making something so simple your team has created a monster that can fit everyone’s needs. Hope you are ready for the millions of hardware support requests. I am very excited. Thanks a lot

It should work with a USB hub. I haven’t tried it. I’d recommend a powered USB hub, though, since the power supply in Vera is small and may not be able to the drain of a bunch of USB devices, particularly things like hard drives. The intention is to support the gc 100 as step 1 for i/r distribution, although, unfortunately there isn’t a wi-fi version of the gc100 anytime soon afaik. However, we will also want to support the USB UIRT too for direct connection to Vera. I like the idea in another thread about using low-cost satellites.

Guys, USB UIRT connected to Vera is nice, but how many of regular users will place Vera in the living room? It’s gonna sit somewhere in the home office next to modem and router. This is why I suggested wifi satellites that being wifi clients can be placed anywhere in the house. You have ideal platform/framework for this.

This would be awesome. The clients could accept network data (HTTP post or whatever) and output IR. 2 way communication would be a plus. (e.g. the script to start the theater scene could know if the TV is powered on, DVD player is on, blinds are down, etc).

I haven’t searched at all, but anyone know off the top of their head, how to attach an ext 250GB drive? Could you use this as a central backup drive or something like that? Cheap NAS device?