Usage - Please Read before posting to this board.

This board is intended to be used to share examples of using the PLEG and PLTS plugins.
Please use a good descriptive title for your example. The first entry of each topic should describe the example and contain all of the attachments for the example. If you need to update you example modify this first entry. This should include a PDF of the Status Report. Please use meaningful names for inputs and conditions and use comments for critical parts of your logic.

I recommend leaving the single letter prefix for inputs and conditions (t - trigger, s - schedule, p - device property, c - condition). For someone that is not familiar with your logic, this aids in understanding where the variable comes from.

Any topic that is NOT an example will be deleted! Use the parent board for discussions of PLEG/PLTS.

The idea is that each new Example would be a separate Thread in the forum. That will help with searching, reading. Q&A, etc.