URL for firmware 1.7.1754

Can anyone provide the url for Vera Plus firmware 1.7.1754.
I included a Remotec ZRC-90EU today and it was working fine except that only the single button push was working and not double push. Thinking I might get single and double working on the newer firmware I upgraded first to 1.7.2044 and then to the latest beta. In either case the Remotec fails completely. I need the url for firmware 1.7.1754 to get back where I started. Other url’s seem to be listed but as this was issued with the first Vera Plus’s it is not in official announcements as an upgrade showing url.

Alternatively, has anyone got the Remotec working properly on 1.7.2044

To answer my own question and in case anyone else needs this

In order to revert to the requested version (1.7.1754) you will have to follow these steps:
Login into the unit using the Web Interface: Settings→ Firmware→ Under the Advanced tab find the ?URL for custom Vera upgrade? and in this field please paste the downgrade link.

Downgrade link: http://dl.mios.com/firmware/mt7621/mios/release/mt7621_Luup_ui7-1.7.1754-en-mios.squashfs