UPNP Proxy "Not Running"

@rigpapa, i know it’s not your plugin, but i’ve installed the UPNP Proxy per the recommendations for the sonos plugin, but i can’t keep that thing up and running (i know it sounds like a personal problem). i created a reactor to watch the state of it and issue an os command to reload it (which is the only action that seems to get it started again - start or restart don’t work). this seems to be working as a keep alive, but wanted to see if you had any ideas. i was pouring through the logs, but it doesn’t seem to show anything for the UPNP proxy that i can find.

It takes a full reboot (not just a Luup reload) of the box to really get the UPnP Proxy up and running. Has that been done since you installed?

yep. it seems to crash whenever luup is reloaded. not sure why, but now that i have a reactor watching it, it will reload whenever it goes to not running.