upload camera images to ftp server?

Is it possible to have Vera upload images from a camera to an external FTP server? I’m interested in using my site, http://sensr.net, as a place to archive images from my home network.

It would be interesting to have Vera push images to sensr.net when one of my ZWave devices detects motion, etc. The sensr.net site gives out FTP credentials, then it will accept and process images that show up over FTP. It would be nice if I could tell Vera to use the sensr.net site in this way.


Since I didn’t get any responses, I asked support. Here’s the answer:

“We don’t have that option for now. The images are stored on our server up to 1 GB limit. We will make this feature possible in the future.”

I bet there is a way to do this with luup, but I’ll just wait for the feature…


For sure there are other ways to do this, but it’s better to have a built-in function for this, don’t you think? Is not our goal to have the customers tied with no escape with our services and as the product evolves, we are offering more and more features. For the moment, this is how works and I’m sure we’re offering more flexibility than other competitors for some features and less for others.

Just some ideas for a quick and dirty hack:

Set up a periodic scene and add Lua code: Use curl (via os.execute) to get the image from your camera, store the image in Vera’s file system (use /tmp) (or use piping), use ftpput (via os.execute) to send the image to your ftp server.