Upgrading Vera 1 to Vera 3 (or Vera Lite)


I’m thinking of switching to Vera 3 for a variety of reasons (new toy, Z-Wave reliability…). Now I’m wondering what’s the best upgrade path. By now I see the following options:

  1. Import a backup into Vera 3: Doesn’t work for Vera 1 because it doesn’t run on UI5.
  2. Add the Vera 1 as an additional device and use Vera 3 as master: Keeps all my existing device sbut I still need to use the old Vera 1. Since I use devices which are not fully supported in UI5 (HSM100), I think I have to do this anyway…
  3. Exclude all existing nodes from Vera 1 and build everything new from Vera 3: This would give me the cleanest setup but I would loose all old settings.

Does anybody see additional ways to migrate? What way would you choose?

I upgraded last week from vera2 to vera3. I chose option 3, exclude all devices, include them again, copy all scenes.

I am very glad I did so, I have now a very very clean and very reliable setup. And surprisingly it didn’t even take that long. You can exclude all your devices in one step (set your vera in exclude mode for 10 minutes and just walk around and exclude all devices). I even kind of enjoyed including all the devices again ;D