Upgrading a very customised MisterHouse system

I’ve developed a pretty customised MisterHouse system over the last decade which controls nearly everything in my house. However, my latest power bills have forced me to shift to LED lighting which has introduced so much noise that the X10 now no longer works. It’s time to upgrade to another system - which I’ve been putting off! I’m happy to dump the X10 system completely, except I have installed a large number of the RF remotes and sensors around the house. I also have a fair amount of IR control. My question:

  • Can I use an RFXtrx to receive RF commands from my X10 sensors and remotes to trigger scenes or individual items over z-wave?
  • Can I use a GC-100-6 to send IR commands to my A/C and other devices?
  • Does the Vera Lite support the above units?

I hope someone might have had some similar experience and can fill me in?

Thanks a lot - Ross.