Upgrade to Vera 3?

Hey all, looking for an opinion:

I have a Vera 2 and about 30 devices plus the iPhone location plugin (for 3 iPhones) and the Nest plugin. I’m also a big fan of the PLEGs. I have about 6 running.

My concern is that my Vera seems slow. Slow to connect through a web browser or Homewave and slow to execute scenes.

I’m thinking its might be that I have an old Vera and am wondering if a Vera 3 might be better.



Since no one else replied, I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve use Vera 2’s for a few years, and on one of them have about 80 devices and scenes. Recently with the addition of a few more devices I started to see very bad slowdowns and frequent restarts. In my panic that my Vera was dying I tracked down and purchased a Vera 3 to keep on ice in case I needed to change equipment. However, I seem to have solved the slowness and reboot problems by simply adding a USB stick for logging. After finally getting that to work (failed to configure several times at first) everything is running swimmingly. So maybe try that?

One thing I will say is that Vera 3’s, which if you’re using UI5 can be an easy upgrade from Vera 2, are getting hard to find, at least in the US. You may want to snap one up to hang onto if you’re committed to Vera and want an easy replacement sometime in the future.

Can you please share the details on how to enable logging on a USB stick? I have a Vera 3, and if it can be done with it, I want to. The Vera 3 allegedly is more powerful, but I think these devices are still underpowered and need all the help they can get.