Upgrade to Vera 3 Issues

Trying to go through the Vera 2 to 3 upgrade. Not so good so far. Was on the telephone for 2 hours with MCV as the Vera 2 would not accept the updated firmware. Finally got through that and brought on the Vera3. Reloaded the UI5 backup file and thought it would be okay. But it is frozen at the point of backup. If I try to do anything a box comes up indicating “Zwave not ready.” if I try to load Vera by the address it comes up stating"hide_server_busy error: Type error: object doesn’t support properly or method’call"

Any thoughts as to what to do next? Frustrating …

Okay. Figured it out. It was the dongle port issue with an O instead of a zero. Ugh!

That one got me stuck too! someone typed it wrong in the how to thread.

OK the old guy is doing the vera 3 thing getting the zwave not ready message … is the port a zero or the letter O. Any help would be great!

It is a zero.

  • Garrett

Garrett thanks for the reply - been unavailable for a bit. I have tried the /dev/ttyS0 a few times will try again. I will not be able to try it till next week when there will be availability.