Upgrade to UI7 - 24h+ delayed scene action


I’ve upgraded a Veralite to UI7 for one of my customers. Unlike others, i like the new UI design but i miss one feature i was using : the +24h delayed action in scenes.
This Veralite is used on a vacation house where there’s a swimming pool. On UI5, i had a scene trigerred by a Google Calendar to run the pool heater and 2 days later to run the boiler and other systems. To have a simple way of using, i don’t want to use multiple keywords on the google calendar, and futhermore i don’t want to rely to much on this plug-in which is not stable for the moment.

On UI7, the scene delayed action is limited to 24h, how can i set a longer delay ?


That must have been very unreliable or you did not run the scene much.
If Vera restarts for any reason … any delayed actions are discarded.
You need to use things like the Countdown Timer or PLEG to survive a Vera restart.

In PLEG you would represent the delay as:

I think the following would work as well: