Upgrade SNAFU - UI5 to UI7

Hello Everyone -

Sorry for yet ANOTHER thread on this but a quick search or two (including via Google) didn’t turn much up for me.

I’m preparing to upgrade my Vera 3 from UI5 to UI7. It consists of over 250 devices, MySensors/Arduino Nodes, some Insteon/Altsteon devices, and about a 18 plugins. Tens of PLEG rules, etc, etc

In short, a relatively high-complexity setup.

Good news! My father-in-law has a Vera Lite with 9 devices and only a few plugins (normal staples - PLEG, etc). Test platform!!!

I went through the upgrade with his as a test. Most ZWave devices came over. However, no room definitions, scenes, or plugins made it. I have a support ticket in but was wondering if others have had this issue.

I have backups so hopefully we can recover. But this did not instill confidence in upgrading my much larger platform.

When I upgraded from 5 to 7, I did a factory reset, upgraded, and manually added all devices. Of course, mine was more like your father-in-laws. :-[

Personally, I wouldn’t do it. Far to risky and will involve too many tears.
My solution has been to use a new Vera Edge and add new devices to it, leaving everything that was working on UI5 as is. No tears & WAF high. In this manner, you can transfer your old devices to the new Vera at your convenience without any worries and not ruin Christmas…

I agree that a new device is probably safest. But I’m not looking to buy a new controller at this time. If I got that route, I may drop Vera entirely. (Homeseer)

It is my opinion that a company should offer a clear and safe upgrade path. And, in fact, Vera claims to have done just that. These forums (and my recent experience) suggest otherwise I guess.

I was just curious if anyone has had this happen. (Loss of rooms, scenes, plugins, but zwave came over)

I will give credit where credit is due. I was able to downgrade back to UI5:


And able to restore from backup - so that’s pretty nice.

I’m trying the update again which I assume will fail. Hopefully Vera gets back to me on Monday.

Update for anyone searching in the future. Since I was comfortable with recovering his system from backups, I started playing around a bit because I didn’t want to wait until Vera on Monday+. The end solution was rather simple.

  1. Do the update.
  2. Rooms, apps, scenes, etc were NOT brought over as explained above.
  3. Recover backup (but not downgrading to UI5)

Worked fine!

Ironically, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my platform to UI7 as well. I took copious backups including screenshots, PLEG exports, etc. However, I just simply dropped the URL in the firmware page and everything went fairly well! I had to do a few touch-ups here and there (update apps, etc) but really fairly painless.

We’ll see how the next few hours/days go as things bake in. :slight_smile: