Upgrade hardware and software at same time?

I have a Vera Lite running UI6, and it is rock solid. The system is mostly lights, but includes some Logic Plugins and a read-only link to my Alarm system.

I am thinking it is about time to upgrade to UI7 so that I can add newer device types. If I am going to upgrade to UI7, I am wondering if I should upgrade to Vera Plus at the same time.

Does upgrading my hardware to a Vera Plus at the same time I upgrade to UI7 dramatically increase the problems I will have?

What type of new devices are you considering? Is this a real desire or just “thinking” about it. I can only speak from experience but I had a Vera Lite that was rock solid like yours and I went through a year of hell with my upgraded edge and UI7. Completely unstable and unreliable, although I must admit it has significantly improved with the last firmware update. I came very close to tossing everything being spoiled with 3 rock solid stable years out of my Vera Lite. I miss those days but I’m also starting to like my edge and UI7 now. If rock solid stability is needed I would wait, if you don’t mind some “potential” issues then you might be OK moving up.