Upgrade from VeraLite UI5 to Vera Edge

Hi folks,

I just took advantage of the $50 off and bought a Vera Edge to replace my Lite, which now has 50 devices on it and is sometimes quite sluggish when running scenes, etc.

I’ve read through a number of threads here, many documenting upgrade issues. I’m hoping that after all the dust has settled that someone might have some advice and/or known good upgrade procedures as I attempt to migrate both from the Lite to the Edge and from UI5 to UI7 at the same time. I have Z-Wave devices and a number of IP cameras, plus PLEG and a few other plugins.

Thanks in advance…


Hi Joe,

Please try the steps in our KB here: http://support.getvera.com/customer/portal/articles/1840699

If you are having problems with the process, don’t hesitate to contact customer care for assistance.

@JoeTomasone, How did your upgrade go?

I also took advantage of the $50 off on the Edge to upgrade my Vera Lite.

After following the steps detailed in the link mentioned, even the part about “creating a new account” for my new Edge controller (which seemed counter intuitive BTW), it appears all my devices came across and things appear to be working. I’m still working thru a few things with plugins, PLEG licenses, adjusting to the new interface, etc.
The thing is now I have 2 unique VERA accounts, one for each controller. Is there some way to consolidate them under 1 MIOS account?

Once I get all things working and stable to my satisfaction, I do plan on gifting my old Vera Lite controller to a family member. What is the process for unregistering, clearing and resetting to factory defaults, and getting it registered for them.

I’m having problems.

First, my door sensors and motion detectors - all Everspring - do not show their status on the UI. However - and I’m still nailing this down - it seems that the status changes are being received based on PLEG conditions triggered by them. However, that has been flaky enough to lower my confidence there.

PLEG migrated, but I had license problems as well - I had a terrible time buying and installing a new license on to it. Further, some of my inputs seem to have been changed - inputs that were based on a motion detector detecting motion whether armed or not had changed to “when armed” - which may be the reason that certain PLEG actions were not firing. I just found this out, so it will take some more testing.

Lights seem to be working fine… Door locks as well. Cameras have had some issues (and continue to). While working fine initially, Vera decided to delete the IP address of one camera - making it “unavailable” and changing the other - making it unavailable as well. I fixed it the other day, but notice that one is back to being “unavailable” - it has again changed the IP address, and now refuses to save the correct address. It is changing it to the DHCP address currently assigned to my iPhone. I should note that they are all statically assigned.

I have a call in to tech support… Let’s hope they call me back soon.

Update: Tech support would only say that this requires more investigation, and I’d have to open a ticket and wait.

I’m really, really, really starting to regret buying more into the Vera ecosystem.

How was the transition for existing ZWave devices? Were you able to simply move everything over to the new controller without having to manually reinstall the individual devices?

It seemed to move everything over… I think my mistake was upgrading to the latest firmware. I’ve downgraded to 1.7.1248 from 1.7.1320 and it seems like most of my devices started working again. I got a call from Support and we basically had to exclude and include some devices to get them to work properly. Now I’m working to restore everything that was impacted in PLEG.

Most of my Zwave devices came over, with no problem. It did drop a few which I re-added. The battery operated devices were problematic, issues with wake-up and polling, but they eventually sorted themselves out. Must be just the way battery operated devices behave since they spend most of the time sleeping.

Still working thru some Plugin issues. I also had similar issues with PLEG, but most are resolved now. Still working thru VeraAlerts issues.

How did you revert to the previous firmware? I may want to give that a try.

If all else fails, anyone know if I could restore my UI5 Vera Lite backup and resume using the Vera Lite until the UI7 issues are resolved? I ask because the upgrade process changed my Vera Lite from Master Primary role. Is this even an issue?


Get the URL for the version you want from here: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,32278.0.html

Then plug the URL into the “URL for custom Vera firmware” box at Settings → Firmware.

This will erase all devices, etc - so make sure you have a backup.