Upgrade from Vera2 to Vera3 and can't remove old nodes

I have been doing this stuff for about 3 years and this site has been more than helpful, but I can’t seem to find the solution to my current issue. Simply put, I am removing (deleting) switches from my vera2 so I can add them to my vera3, but when I delete them, they reappear after the unit “configures”. I already tried to reset the zwave network to remove them all at once. ← This did not work and thank goodness I use auto backup.

So here I am with a new vera3 and I can only add nodes that were never included in my first vera2 network. I guess I could stick with the old vera and save $250, but what fun is that?

A few question which will hopefully identify the best way to assist or advice.

What firmware are you using on your Vera 2?
How are you removing them (deleting or excluding z-wave device)?

Are you aware you could have upgraded your Vera 2 backup to your Vera 3 which may have saved some effort?


@onesoldier - Are you excluding each device from the Z-Wave network, or are you deleting the device from Vera?

Excluding the device from the Z-Wave network will remove its home and node IDs and allow it to be included in another Z-Wave network, regardless of the Vera2.

Deleting the device from the Vera2(without excluding it from the network) will remove the device form the Vera2, but will not remove it form the Z-Wave network. The Vera2 will therefore “rediscover” the device on the Z-Wave network.

It sounds like you are trying to upgrade your home to a new Vera. There are three ways to go about this.

  1. Exclude each device form the existing Z-Wave network and Vera2 and then include them into a new Z-Wave network and Vera3. This is the equivalent of a new install. It is clean and straightforward, if you have only a few Z-Wave devices. However, if you have many Z-Wave devices, this can be a royal pain.

  2. Include the new Vera3 into the existing Z-Wave network as a secondary controller. Then promote the new Vera 3 to primary controller. Then program/configure your Vera3 with the scenes and logic you prefer. This imports the Z-Wave network devices into the Vera3, but means you have to reconfigure everything. Again, a pain if you have many devices.

  3. Upgrade your Vera 2 to UI5. Backup the Vera2. Restore the Vera2 configuration to the Vera3. Fix issues that may or may not arise. This is usually the easiest choice as it does not require deleting/adding devices, recreating scenes or any other major configuration.