Upgrade advice for relative novice

Hi - still a newbie on Vera. I have a VeraLite running UI5 with ~90 devices and plug ins (PLEG, sonos, blue iris, others and started running into what I think are memory issues (couldn’t delete devices, room changes didn’t stick, changes to scenes were flaky), so i deleted some plug ins and all running fine but would like to add more capacity.

At this point what is the best/easiest upgrade path? Do I add a second veralite and bridge them? Or move to UI7 despite all the problems folks seem to have getting there and then go to Vera Edge (or find a Vera3 on ebay?).

Looking to add more capacity but not end up with tons of reprogramming to do . . . Ok deciding to live with what I have if that is the best option as well . . .


If you need to upgrade right away … I would go with a Vera 3 and stay on UI5 …
The Vera Edge does not have any significant capabilities over the Vera 3 except that it supports the new Z-Wave+ devices … but it requires UI7.

The problem with UI7 is that it is only Beta quality (For about two years now).

Thanks Richard - and for all your other posts on the forum, which i read carefully . . . I guess I look for a Vera3 on ebay?

any ideas on where to find a vera3?