Updates to MiOS support portals

Hi everyone

Just a quick post to tell you we are still building out the support docs for MiOS and Ezlo systems.

  1. Basics - help.mios.com - Ongoing help documentation for our EZlogic web UI. This site is a work-in-progress but will eventually explain all aspects of the UI once all features are ready. We’ve already completed much, with the latest pages explaining the trigger functions we recently added:

For - ‘FOR’ function - help.mios.com

Repeat - ‘REPEAT’ Function - help.mios.com

Follow - ‘FOLLOW’ Function - help.mios.com

We are also adding help tooltips to the EZlogic UI which provide potted explanations of specific features in-app.

  1. Edge Computing - help.mios.com - A central repository mainly for hardware related documents for devices and controllers. Our aim is to collect existing documents from various resources, including this community, and house them together in once place.

  2. Quick Start Guide - developer.mios.com - Dedicated to helping novice and experienced users understand and develop their own plugins. Includes explanations of plugin composition and a sample plugin to download.

  3. https://developer.mios.com/api/ - Continuing to update and build out the new API site. Example new or updated pages:


Any feedback is much appreciated.




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