Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.2.1

We are glad to announce updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.2.1

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: Beta 0.1.1

New features:

1. Date and Time → Custom Time
Now, it’s possible to setup a trigger for specific time frame.

2. False section
False section is executed for “false” condition of “Trigger” block.
It is equivalent to True block by its structure and its functional properties, except that it is executed silently, without [hub.scene.run.progress] broadcasts.

A Meshbot can have any combination of True/False blocks (only False, only True, both)

In the following release we are going to provide more settings for Date and Time options and other useful features!

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.


Looks nice, testing this I run into an issue:

While saving a created scene I get an error message telling me the scene cannot be created due to the firmware. I did “repowered” the hub but the issue remains.


Hi, ranneman

Thanks for your feedback.
I created a bug report to investigate the issue on Web UI, also notified FW team.

New Custom Time options are available since advanced_scenes/1.11 version.
We can speedup the process. Could you, please, provide ‘advanced_scenes’ version?

To do that you can use API tool:

  1. Go to API Tool and login
    Ezlo API Tool

  2. Connect to controller

  3. Select ‘Custom’ command and send command:

        "method": "hub.features.list",
        "id": "_ANY_ID_",
        "params": {}

  1. See the output

It should be equal or higher than “version:1.11”.
In any case on Web UI we have to check the list of supported features to avoid such cases.

Hi, I have tried to execute the command in the API tool but I get an error telling me that something went wrong.

Other commands in the API tool like hub.device.list work fine.

Just wondering if it is just me who is not able to create a scene using the “in between time” option? Anybody who got this working?

Is it possible to use a comparison of the values of two devices as a trigger?

For example:
If temperature sensor A value is higher than temperature sensor B value then switch on device C

Or even better:
If temperature sensor A value is 2° higher than temperature sensor B value then switch on device C

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