Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.10.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Thank you…soon we will be releasing an IOS app (android to follow) that will allow you to display dashboard in Kiosk mode (full screen)…so you can use this app to put a Tablet on the wall to display the dashboard! And you can design any dashboard you want.

This has now been fixed. (Thank you for reporting it btw).
can you pls confirm?

thank you.

Unfortunately I don’t see any change (tested with Chrome and Edge).

pls check it again…(it was a weird JS issue …that worked in majority of the cases but not on one specific use case…)…

Also: did you know you can create your own custom “Tiles” with this?

:+1: Seems to be displayed correctly now (Android phone with Chrome).

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If you create a custom tile, please share it with us to see.

I’m not shure how to do that. If you give me a hint I’ll try to create one.

click here

A Dashboard is made up of Tiles…
So you can click here to create either a dashboard or a tile

this will be the screen you see when you click create a dashboard…
you can drag and drop widgets from the left bar and use the right hand bar to modify them etc.

Hi @cw-kid , Yes “Reboot Ezlo” does reboot the controller. It uses internal API call for it.
“Remove Ezlo” removes the controller from your account. So you need to add it again using mobile app.

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So I created an example show case to demonstrate the new HTTP capability in EZLogic, which many old users are used to, using Telegram as a notification tool. It may be useful for new users.

You can find it in examples topic.

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Hi Everyone!

Awesome, this is amazing. Now I can load my automation plugin but I have a problem, my controller has not been updated to firmware version Could you help me with this? and what programming language would these plugins work on, will it still be .lua?

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For now Lua.


Excellent, and would you also use the D.json (device), D.xml (device), I.xml (implementation) and S.xml (service) files?

No they are no long using those like Vera firmware hubs.

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We’ll provide full documentation with samples and a blank template of a plugin…
so that you can take it and design anything you want…

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Ohhh!! i get it :thinking:

Perfect, I will be aware of that documentation, I am so interested in installing my automation plugin in this new controller to see its behavior. Thanks!


How to build your very first MeshBot tutorial.


Hi @JoseC check out our initial version on plugin documentation and sample plugin pls.

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Awesome, Thanks!