Updates for EZLogic - 1.21.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Updates for EZLogic - 1.21.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous 1.20.1

1. Variables and Expressions page. Show errors state
In case if HTTP Request (or NuCAL) action failed and returned error, this error will be injected inside the variable.

2. Plugins. Description for configuration fields
Added and exposed “description” for each configuration field. To see more info about the field just click on info icon.

3. Local MehsBot. Date and Time node
It is possible to use multiple Date and Time nodes on the same trigger or exception level.

Note: available since advanced_scenes/1.50.

4. Local MeshBot. Groups in Exceptions.
Provided ability to use Groups in Exceptions.

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Fixed Expressions and Variables separation, caused by error state, style fixes.
  2. Fixed variables list in HTTP and NuCAL nodes.
  3. General UI fixes.



Great work guys.

That multiple Dates capability in Trigger was an important feature for me, thank you!
And now that we can do groups in exceptions, Ezlo becomes very powerful Automation platform indeed! Well done!

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I am having an issue with meshbot in version 1.21.x
It seems that when I edit a meshbot and try to save the meshbot it only works once then I must refresh the page and start over with that same meshbot.
Also when the app save the meshbot it no longer will function espically ones that have a motion sensor involved as a trigger.
Need help with this very annoying and time wasting, also I reset my Ezlo Plus and loaded a saved backup and same problem

Hi @NCDude ,

I’ll send you an email so we can replicate the issue you are experiencing.


Have found another issue , I have a Tablet with Windows 11 Home edition and the MIOS Smart Home gui does not work at all and another item is my Aeotec DSB28 Energy monitor does not show up on dashboard even though it shows up in devices and also shows up in IOS app and Android App can not edit Meshbots especially if I need to add a new trigger but sometimes it allows me to add new Action sometimes not

Hi @NCDude , lets state the questions :

  1. By “MIOS Smart Home gui” do you mean the dashboard in particular or all ezlogic.mios.com web interface at all ?
  2. Dashboard device tiles currently may not support the particular device type, let us check on that and will get back to you
  3. Currently our ezlogic web app has more capabilities than our mobile interface, so there may be incompatibilities on meshbot functions when you create a meshbot from web and try to modify it on mobile. So we encourage you use the web interface for meshbot creation, if you want to create sophisticated logic. And we will be happy what kind of trigger you were trying to add ? so we get this as a feedback and improve our interface.


Yes I only use meshbot’s to create “scenes” , i am and old timer user of Vera have over 30+ modules and just before my Vera Plus failed I had a fully working home automation I used reactor to write all my scenes as well as LUA .
Now I struggle to keep 2 or 3 meshbot’s work from day to day it seems that few work with date and time on a regular bases . the only module your 1.21.1 ezlogic interface will not show on dashboard is my Aeotec DSB28 energy module like I said it shows in devices but not on dashboard.
It shows on both IOS Vera app and android app so why not on dashboard.
I know you are a new company and so was Vera at first and we who started with that company had many hours of things not working. But as I hope you will continue to add and solve issues I guess I have to be patient but realize a lot of money is invested to just sit and watch the failure of simple time based scenes. that at this point should not happen. Like I said my tablet runs Windows 11 and Mios Smart Home will not even bring up the dashboard just empty page and if it does happen to shown meshbot automation do not try to view them because then everything goes blank.
My brand new unit is very unreliable at this point have no idea if a light will turn on when it should or that the alarm will ever go off when the scene is tripped. In this day and age everything is far more expensive then when I started with Veralite and moved to Vera then to Vera Plus and at one time used 3 controllers because Vera Plus had memory limits.
Hope this helps and if you want I can send you my Meshbots I have already created.
Today I can not even login to smart Home tried 3 different browsers the dashboard page is blank

I do believe my unit does not know how to count.
Most of my scenes are day or time related and either they never trigger or if they do trigger they can tell time.
eg my Kitchen overhead light is nothing more than a motion sensor that when it sees motion, turn on light and holds it on for 5 minutes then turns it off.
Well on the first motion it turns on then times out but if it sees motion before it times out it starts flashing kitchen light like traffic signal caught on a yellow flashing light
now I know Meshbot using AND OR NOR logic but no where in my scene do I using anything but one custom time and choose “between” which is nothing more than “AND” logic and delay for 5 minutes.
So don’t know how to fix this issue.
But must wait until portal problems are fix before I can even look at the issue.

Hi @NCDude

Thanks for the feedback. Regarding your points:

“Well on the first motion it turns on then times out but if it sees motion before it times out it starts flashing kitchen light like traffic signal caught on a yellow flashing light”

Is this a correct summary of what you want to achieve:

  • Kitchen motion sensor detects motion.
  • Turns light on for 5 minutes.
  • Turns it off if no further motion is detected during those 5 minutes.
  • Resets the timer if motion is detected during the 5 minutes.
  • So the light will stay on for 5 minutes from the time it last detects motion.

If the above is correct, then I don’t see where ‘between’ or date/time triggers come into it. I think you need to create a device based trigger, with your motion sensor as the device, then add either a ‘FOR’ or ‘FOLLOW’ function to the trigger.

You can see both functions explained on these pages:

FOR - ‘FOR’ Function - help.mios.com

FOLLOW - ‘FOLLOW’ Function - help.mios.com

These pages show you two different ways of achieving the same motion-sensor based task. Test using one of the ‘FOR’ methods first then try the ‘FOLLOW’ method if those don’t work.

Hope this helps. If the above isn’t the use-case you had in mind then please elaborate on your requirements. This community is full of experts who will help you out.



p.s. Not sure why the flashing occurs, tbh. Maybe, as you say, it might be your meshbots somehow sending repeated on/off commands to the light.

p.p.s. Video of the ‘FOR’ function - Motion triggers and automations in EZLogic - Smart Home Automation - YouTube
We also have one ready for ‘FOLLOW’ but it hasn’t yet been uploaded to YouTube.

Paul nice to see your expertise knowledge and input on these forums !

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My scenes are written correctly because it works the 1st time now that 1.23.3 has allowed me to login I have the same problem with editing a scene and adding another trigger.
It will not save the scene once new trigger has been added. Sometimes I can refresh to page and then go back into scene and add my new trigger and save the scene, but most of the time it fails.
Also when I do edit a scene 99% of the time it will no longer work even if I reboot the controller
need to get this working

For a motion actived light Meshbot rule you really need to use one of the methods Paul linked too above. Using the For or Follow function in the trigger.

If this is happening, then its a separate issue and problem.

When you say it wont save the Scene, what is happening? Is the Save button grayed out ?

Maybe also try clearing your web browsers cache and data and try again.

cache has been cleared and the save button does nothing but move to next screen and then nothing

I think I have seen the problem you are describing myself before. Where if you edit a rule and add a new trigger, you then couldnt save the rule. I thought it had been fixed, but maybe not.

I will try it again for myself later.

@osman please can your team also check this out?

Thank you.

Seems to work OK for me, I just edited an existing Meshbot rule and added in a second trigger and pressed the AND button and then was able to Save the rule fine.

Are you selecting AND or OR or XOR etc ?

I am using AND logic login to my unit and try need to know if this is Windows 10 PRO issue or browser issue or EZLO problem

OK so its not that then.

So now you need to give us more information and details on the types of triggers you are adding ?

Can you post a screen shot of your desired triggers after you have edited the rule etc.

I am using a Windows 10 laptop and Google Chrome browser.

The issue is likely with the Ezlo Meshbot rules.

As I said give more details on the types of triggers you are trying to combine.

two triggers 1… custom time , between
2… Device motion sensor

Do a screen shot of the triggers I will try to replicate your rule here.