Update your HomeWave Push notifications plugin

The old iOS method for processing push notifications will soon be disabled by Apple. HomeWave will be updated to utilize the new method; this also involves changes to the HomeWave push server and plugin.

To prepare for these changes, please update the HomeWave Push plugin using the attached files. These files will work both on Vera and OpenLuup platforms

HomeWave Push.zip (3.1 KB)

Hi intveltr,

I came across this thread when I started getting 20+ notifications on my iphone from Homewave recently for each single event.

I applied the files in the zip file, and currently I’m not getting any notifications. Are all the pieces in place and should this be working at the moment?

There was a recent bug in the push server that lead to duplicate push messages. If you’re getting that, force-quitting the app on the phone and restarting it should fix it; you should only have to do that once.
The files in the zip file should work, and they have no effect on the duplicate message issue. Please check if the correct push ID is still set in the plugin after you applied the zip file.

I did force quit the iPhone app a couple of times, but the issue came back.


Checked my push ID and that’s still set the same on the app and the plugin. Still not receiving notifications though.

When I hit the test button, I can see in the logs that it’s registering the button press. App version is 2.17.

08 08/20/21 7:06:25.355 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest device: 11 service: urn:intvelt-com:serviceId:HWPush1 action: SendMessage <0x6d2b1520>
08 08/20/21 7:06:25.356 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument DeviceNum=11 <0x6d2b1520>
08 08/20/21 7:06:25.356 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument serviceId=urn:intvelt-com:serviceId:HWPush1 <0x6d2b1520>
08 08/20/21 7:06:25.356 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument action=SendMessage <0x6d2b1520>

I applied another small fix in the push service. There should not be more duplicates.2

At the moment I’m not getting any notifications. :confused:

Can you send me your Push ID in a PM please, then try and send another push message from the plugin? I can check the logs to see what is going on.

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