Update neighbors

What is the best way to update neighbors to a device?
“Update neighbor nodes” in the device options, does nothing.
“Update Neighbor Nodes” in Z-Wave Settings, does nothing.
disconnecting the device from the power, does nothing …

can someone help?

How are you confirming that nodes are not being updated? Usually updating the nodes on the device take a few minutes, and updating the nodes around it also help too.

for example, when I change a device from one place, how do I update it?

On the device click ‘device options’ and click update neighbors. It take 1-2 mins and don’t do anything for that little bit just let the Vera do its thing (theres no confirmation message that pops up once complete). To confirm the neighbors are correct under the device - advanced - variables look at the neighbors listed. Those numbers correlate with the surrounding device’s ALTIDs, not the device IDs. You can cross reference the numbers listed under the neighbors variables with the ALTIDs of the devices around.

Part of the key here is to update neighbors on a node other than the one you are moving/have moved. If the Vera cannot communicate with the moved node, asking it to send it an “update neighbors” command to that node (that it can’t communicate with) is kind of silly, right? What you need to do is send the update neighbors command to another healthy device that is near the new location of the moved node. The hope is that this node will “discover” the moved node, and when that is successful, there is now a route to the moved node and you can now send it a request to update its neighbors and bring closure to the mesh.

thank you :wink:

some devices (I think the ones that are battery powered) can’t manually poll now. On these devices is it better to poll “0” in the device settings?