Update for Veramate 4

Hi All

A quick note to mention an update for VeraMate 4 has been made which will be the first of the customisation features.

This first release is only on the main screen, for the room icons. Hold down any of the icons to enter the edit mode, allowing you to choose from a large pre selection of icons. For the more advanced, you can choose your own image from your photo library.

I’ll be very interested to hear thoughts on this, so please let me know good/bad.

Future releases will allow further customisation to pin devices to the front screen (and more) too, so please be patient to see more features :slight_smile:

Have fun.

Thank you. Tried on iOS 7.04 but it keeps crashing.

Edit icon worked ok for me on iOS 7. But then I got an error message “The request timed out (Retry 2)”. Switching stuff on and off seems to work, but the error message stays on screen, with Retry value incrementing. Forcing app to close and reopen clears the error.

Crashes all the time for me too (7.04, Ipad Air).

I think I can see where some of the crashes are coming from, so I’ve submitted a priority patch to apple - hopefully this will be released early next week.

Still appears to be a problem switching networks for some, but I’ll focus on that next.

The ability to change icons is very nice, decent selection. I also have problems when I switch networks (Wi-Fi v. 4G) but logging out and back in fixes it.