Unwatching variables


I seem to be struggling to unwatch some variables. I’ve deleted the graph which was reading them, go into the device, the variables, then the temperature, then hit no watch. I get what looks like a sensible response but

  1. The watched variable remains flagged in the ‘Devices’ sector and the Whisper file is still there (and listed in ‘Whisper’)

Obviously I can delete the relevant Whisper, but want to make sure the devices are properly unwatched.



If you’re just using a standard DataYours install (ie. NOT the Data Storage Provider capability of AltUI) then unwatching does not remove the file… simply because you may choose to watch it again having retained the previous history.

IIRC (it has been a very long time) the listing in ‘Whisper’ should be retained, since the file is still there, but I thought that the watch display would disappear (it may require a Luup reload??) Did you get a status mesage when you unwatched the variable confirming that it had done that?


More than happy to delete the files. That makes perfect sense (I don’t want to keep them and I think they are corrupted anyway)

This is what I get when I select nowatch


But the variable is still showing as watched (i.e. it’s highlighted) and it’s still updating the Whisper file.

Do you think a Luup restart is required? Just curious as to why?



Vera’s Luup Lua extensions have a request to start watching a variable, but not one to stop doing so! I thought that I had programmed in a work-around to that, but, again, it’s been a while, so perhaps not.

I haven’t used DataYours for years, really, preferring the much more modern Data Historian built into the openLuup system. But that’s no help to Vera users, and I’m glad that DataYours is still getting some use from others.

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I shall give it kick!



OK looks like you need to delete the file and hit nowatch.

Luup restart had no effect



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