Unknown motion sensor detected

I’m a recent owner of Vera Edge console and besides the geofence not working properly because we’re 2 users (me and my wife) so far i’m really happy with my purchase. Recently Vera shows me a motion sensor that it can be armed and disarmed, but i can’t figured out how the hell it founds a sensor that i don’t have. My system is mainly 433mhz DI-O (Chacon) sensors (5 door sensors, 5 power plugs and 3 motion sensors, but they were all recognized by Vera as On/Off Light sensors. But a couple of days ago a found on the devices list a motion sensor :o that i can arm/disarm and even added to a scene with an action after triggered (light a lamp) and runned it with success, but i don’t know what’s that sensor?!? It shows on devices list as “RFX Motion M/A0AF04”.
Hope you can help me find that sensor.
Best Regards

Did you find a solution to this? I have just noticed three such devices myself and they are in the “No room” - category so it’s nothing I have added on my own.

No. Still didn’t figured it out ???

There’s been a known bug that creates ‘phantom devices.’ However normally, they are pretty generic. I’m not sure why technically, but it seems to come out of plugins that are not behaving well. If you call Vera, they can troubleshoot it for you.

Now I’m up to 8 such units. I’m suspecting my new tech-savvy neighbour has a 433 MHz system that my Vera is picking up. Currently, I’m leaning towards ditching the 433 trx.

It appears that Smartlabs is in the process of getting approval for a new motion sensor. Details are available on the FCC website

I’ve currently got 4 RFX Power (OWL) sensors showing, a couple displaying incomplete power readings. I only have one of these. I have also had phantom Oregon Weather sensors detected.

I can’t be sure on this as I don’t produce a log file but I have had the “manager program” for my current system open for much of the time I’ve been looking at Vera (different rftxrx133 ut the current system uses one with a igger antenna attached and should be more sensitive). That “manager” will display something like:

Device not found:
Schema: ad.basic
Address: 0xf340c4
Unit: 6

When it encounters an “unknown” device.

I’ve not seen any of these mysterious additions to Vera reported in this way while the manager has been running.

You are running the RfxTrx plugin, right? In this case, it’s “expected” that the 433mHz receiver will automatically add detected devices, which might very well be from your neighborhood.
In the RfxTrx control panel can you access the list of detected/managed devices, and delete those. You can even select to delete those and to never recreate them (in case it’s a device from your neighbor).

The trick is to remove the “unknown” devices from the RfxTrx control panel, instead of directly doing it from the “unknown” device.