Uniview (UNV) ip cameras

I am trying to figure out how i can connect uniview cameras to my vera plus, I have searched the community and it sound that this brand is almost unknown, it uses ONVIF protocol and it has the following compressions Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG.

Is there any chance to add one of those cameras to my vera plus?

Lots of folks, including myself, use Blue Iris.

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you mean the plugin or the cameras?

Blue Iris sits on a computer and captures all of your camera feeds. Very powerful. The Blue Iris plug-in allows the Vera to see feeds, and to communicate with Blue Iris. For instance, when in any mode except Home, Vera arms Blue Iris. Then when a camera detects motion, it triggers a virtual motion for that camera in Vera and I get notifications via Vera Alerts. Vera can record stills, but Blue Iris records video including sound. In my case, video is stored on a NAS and I can view it on my TV via the Plex app on a Roku. You can also feed the Blue Iris to the Roku with an app. And you can view your feed via a web browser if you open up a port on your firewall. Very powerful. Read up on in this forum to see how to get all this work. It has been so long for me, I cannot begin to tell you how to set everything up.

Thanks for the heads up, I went to check some videos on youtube about blue iris software, I have to buy a pc to be able to view 2 cameras on vera, at my home i set up 18 cameras using an 16 ch poe nvr + poe switch, I hope vera finds a better solution to setup ip cameras, i really hope that comes with the new update.


Other folks use their NAS using something like Surveillance Station. I have no experience with it and not sure if Vera and the NAS can communicate like it can with Blue Iris.

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