Unexpected new ca. 45 second day in lights turning on

Hi Rigpapa,

Wondering if you could advise on an issue that seems to be occurring lately without any recent changes to my setup.

I have a Fibaro FGD211 the state of which is triggered by a standard wired PIR and using Reactor that keeps the lights on for 15 mins, resetting the clock everytime there is movement.

It was working flawlessly until recently. Now it takes up to 45 seconds to turn on the lights after the (audible) trigger of the wired PIR.

I have sent the log to the log email and would appreciate if you can see anything obvious causing this new delay.

Thanks in advane for your advice.

A change in behavior like you describe is usually caused by Vera having problems communicating with a device in the mesh. And there are a number of errors logged around 10:26:24.906 indicating that Vera is failing to communicate with a secure device (a common issue). Looks like device 131 (Z-Wave node 39) is the problem child. It looks like you’re attempting to turn device 131 on in a rule, as there is a SwitchPower1/SetTarget action logged for it. But the Reactor logging just before that shows interest in a temperature sensor value, not a motion sensor. In fact, there are no motion sensor events in the log snippet provided at all. You didn’t include a Logic Summary, which the troubleshooting instructions request you include with the log, and that would have given me the rules and devices involved in great detail. Regardless, I’m 99.9% certain that the device communication issue is the problem; it would delay everything on the box, including communication with other devices. If that device supports security, I would suggest excluding it and re-including it without security. Vera’s security implementation is not stable.

It also appears that something is going on with HundredGraphs (see 10:27:24), and depending on how that plugin is written, a delay connecting to them may hold other processes on the system until the delay times out.

Hi Rigpapa and thank you once again!

As it happens the device 131 (an Aeotec Siren) was not related to the light delay through Reactor actions/conditions, but by removing it as you suggested, the lights work perfectly again! I will look into how to add it again without security. To be on the safe side, I also removed the HundredGraphs plugin, which was handy to follow the solar panel/water temperatures, so I will look for an alternative solution to keep doing that.

Really appreciate your contribution to these forums and your fantastic help in resolving Vera troubles!