Understanding and locating Json files

Hello Champs !

I read about change json files of some devices and modify the kind of looking of that devices.

i.e. a dimmer to show diferente of default vera aspect.

but for this I need locate json files and understanding your capacities and resources.

someone has a instructions for this ?
thanks !

You can get at all of the JSON files from

Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup Files
You can download any of the D_XXX.json files.
Modify as you like …
You might want to keep a copy of the unmodified one in case you need to revert.
You can then re-upload the files.
This changes the behavior for ALL devices that use that JSON file.
You can’t change the behavior for just one, or a few devices.

For details see:

when you talk about download…
from vera using a ftp cliente ? putty ? or via UI5 ?


If you goto the page on Vera Control Panel that I listed there is a Download button for each file.

Newbie question here: I’m trying to download some of the JSON and xml files by clicking on the “download” button but instead I get a new browser window of the text without ability to edit it. I’ve tried chrome, firefox and safari. I actually want to download the file and edit it with a text editor. What am I doing wrong here?

View Source. Save As.

Or perhaps the Download link rather than the View link.

@futzle: thanks, “view source” then “save as” worked.

@a-lurker: it’s weird, the download AND view links used in chrome, firefox, and safari all ended up opening a new window with the text all jumbled together.