Unassigned versus assigned Controllers

I just installed a new Ezlo Plus. I have two others running previously. The first two show up on the MIOS app as belonging to Ezlo Main group. The latest shows up as unassigned. So my questions are How, Why, and how do I change it. There is some functionality associated with the devices in the Main Group that is not available with the unassigned device.

Anybody have any ideas?

Hello @gfetzer
When you’re using ezlogic.mios.com > Settings > Controllers > You will need to select which active group you’re at so that the Settings tabs of the interface display the devices paired to the controllers in a group.
For instance, if you have group A and Group B, the “Backups” & “Devices” tabs will show devices on any controller in that specific active group (A or B).
If your controller is unassigned, you won’t see the devices under “devices” nor will you see the controller under “Backups”.
You can create a new group under “Settings” > “Controllers” > “+Create New group”.
You can edit an existing group using the pencil icon on the top right corner of the group.

Here’s a brief example of my Group called Valentina:


Having that group active allows me to see the devices of those 2 controllers in the group under “Devices”

And I can also create Backups for those 2 controllers in the Valentina group:


Let me know if you have additional questions.

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