Unable to Switch to New Dashboard

I have just upgraded to version 7.40.413 on my Andriod phone and now unable to switch to the new Dashboard?

Is this function broke?

Did you get the update through Google Play Store, or as part of the on-going Vera Mobile™ beta testing program?

I got the update via the Google App store.

Finally removed the new dashboard … it was shameful … I had never seen so much incompetence in an application.

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Same here, new dashbosrd gone. Setting has no effect.

Again, I am just a Vera plus user who would like to see some stability while the Ezlo is being developped. When Ezlo is there, I will consider it but in the interim, I would like to have a stable platform. My wife is going nuts every time the app is messed with. Stability please…

Be happy you’re getting anything with this version. It won’t even open for me and a growing list of 1* reviews state the same.

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It’s unclear to me why they keep releasing the app into the wild amidst well-known negative feedback from the beta testing group(s)? :-/

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Hi guys, the Android team identified an issue for users which upgrade from 7.28 directly to 7.40. In which case an app cache delete or delete app and re-install app should fix the issue.

You gotta be kidding me! Just got family used to the new dash and it’s back to old one. Did uninstall/ reinstall and no new dash. WTF?? Back to Imperihome.


We will re-release today a version which restores the Dashboard functionality. As stated in release notes it was a temporary measure to address to app crashing. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

Hi Nettuno,

If you want to use just the old dashboard you can select from menu settings → application setting → disable toggle. See

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Are you serious?? The old Dasboard is unusable, has over half a page of useless information menu and it is not possible to have Favorite scenes. The new Dashboard obliges to divide the 3 sections (cameras, scenes, devices) … I wonder what sense it makes? I am not more logical to be able to put everything in a window !!. and the icons cannot be locked.

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Okay will wait for the new version to be released.

Why do you guys never test the app?
At least the new version is at all tested? Do you guys use the android app at home, at all?


We made a new release today on the Android VeraMobile app.

The app includes fixes for:

  • restored dashboard
  • removed notification only scenes from UI

The build is available and on google beta, but will be available when Google publish the app. Due to covid they have some delays.

The internal beta app, version 7.40.414.
For those of you who want to have access use this link. If you already used the new tool, you’ll receive an app update.

Hi @Oana_Morariu ,

Also this 414 version still shows invalid Can’t connect to device messages all over if only one device is not connected. I feel like a broken record here as I have been reporting it through all the beta testing.

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@reneboer, if that’s not a simple CSS glitch, I’ll eat my hat. Or at least exclude and then re-include my hat, whichever is easier. :wink:

About to take the .414 plunge on my Android phone, but remain ASTONISHED (embarrassed is more like it?) that you guys are rolling out this app to users on the Google Play Store in its current state (i.e. barely ‘beta’)!?

No wonder the steady stream of 1 Star ratings… :star:

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Yes, you are right we focused on fixing the dashboard issue but I will have and a fix for that.

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NEW FEEDBACK (.414) - ‘Alerts’ panel remains open

If a user selects Settings > Application Settings > uncheck “New UI” and then visits the Menu > Dashboard and clicks “Alerts”, the resulting panel will expand and remain expanded despite subsequent clicks/taps on Menu > Dashboard.

User instead must figure out that the only way to minimize the “Alerts” panel is to click on “Alerts” again, now located at the bottom of the screen. Not intuitive.

Also not a show-stopper, but annoying/unexpected.


We will add an improvement on this as soon as possible.

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