Unable to register PLEG under UI7

I’ve decided to make the plunge (don’t ask why) of moving to my VeraEdge from my VeraLite and in the process, I purchased a new license for PLEG. PLEG is showing my old license (because I restored from backup) and when I enter the new one and hit Verify, nothing happens and the license information isn’t saving. Any ideas on how to fix this?

You have to upgrade the PLEG plugins when you change UI Versions … even if it’s at the latest version.

Thanks; next time I take a stab at UI7, I’ll remember this. (Spent all day switching from a VeraLite on UI5 to a VeraEdge on a UI7 back to UI5 on my VeraLite.)

How ? If PLEG is at the latest version 7.29 then there is no upgrade to perform.

I’ve got the same issue as the OP reported.

When the plugin is installed or updated, it loads the appropriate UI (UI5 or UI7), so updating the plugin brings down new files. I tried again and was able to register after updating the plugin.

@ dmckenna


Fixed, sorted, happy - many thanks and one more applaud for Richard for a great plugin.

Now can you please get a job at MCV and sort the rest of their mess out :wink: