Unable to put Vera into include

I am running a Vera 2 on UI5. When I press the Zwave button on the back of the device instead of blinking to tell me it is in include mode the Zwave light just turns off. I am trying to pair a few GE switches but I cannot get Vera into pair mode.

I am not sure why it isn’t working. I have done a factory reset and restore. I am running 2.78 L:1 I never ran the hack under Zwave settings > advanced.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Oh and I recently ran a repair on the network to see if that helps but I don’t think that will affect Vera as much as the Zwave devices.

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I have faced the same problem
any help? Please

When I found out that happened was for some reason my vera turned into a secondary controller instead of the primary controller. What I had to do is I had it make be the primary controller by restoring it via Z wave network restore and pretty much started from scratch on my Z wave devices

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