Unable to get any information on node/Transmit failed with code: 1


Vera2 UI4 1.1.1362 .
Zw Device Options
Check By default MiOS should automatically configure devices
Check Use Z-Wave version 3.20 instead of 2.78 IMPORTANT: Read this first
Check Use MiOS routing instead of Z-Wave (requires 4.5)
Check Limit neighbors to Z-Wave discovery (requries MiOS routing)
Check Poll nodes learn more

Since 3 Months after upgrade dongle, all was oK, til for three days, on the dashboard under all the device is written “Unable to get any information on node”. Nothing add or remove in the configuration.

If touch the button ON or OFF of any device, then message Transmit failed with code: 1

1/ Restore a lot of back up NOK
2/ Remove a device OK
3/ Add a device OK

I see a lot of topic about this error but it was impossible to remove a device, its not my case.
Is somebody living the same storie?

Before something bad to do for example restore with the dongle check, what can I try without to lost all my device configuraton …

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Had that same thing happen this weekend - and fixed it … the problem began when I upgraded from UI5 to UI7 on Friday evening (to accommodate the First Alert Z Wave Smoke detectors which don’t run on UI5). After upgrading and doing all of the housekeeping needed to interface better with my “new” upgrade - I found that I was not able to turn a set of lamps off/on and also I was getting the error code 1 on that set of 3 zwave devices which happened to be farthest from my Veralite …

So after hours of research and trying to move the appliances (lamps) around, with no luck, I finally came upon a procedure from Mi Casa Verde developers that “rang a bell” - and that was that my nodes may have to be updated.

The reason is that at the time that one links a Zwave device to the Vera Controller, that device creates a mesh of nodes of neighboring devices which repeats commands sent from Vera. When, later on, that Zwave device or other devices in that mesh are moved the nodes do not change. My 3 devices were failing to respond because over the 2 years that I have been running my system, I indeed had moved neighboring units around.

The bottom line - the nodes in the mesh had to be updated - so why not do it for my entire Vera Network?

While it is very simple to do - it does takes quite a long time to accomplish - so start this procedure at night, before you head to bed, and, leaving your computer on with your Vera Screen opened - and in the morning everything should be good.

I am not sure of the interface of your panel so here is the general procedure - find the Tab or navigate to a page that says “Zwave Settings” and you should see a tab or box that says “repair”. Go to that page and press the button that says “go”. That’s all there is to it … but again it may take a few hours to complete - but that should do it … GOOD LUCK!!

Thanks Coticon for your quick reply,

I did also a repair of any one device and after a whole repair at the beginning before restore … no way

I do now a restore with dongle included, and it works.

I cant understand why thsi situation appears without to do anything on the network.

I have two device one fibaro and a one duwi who are included but no more physically, on this device Vera says ‘Unable to get any information on node’, normal they are no more here,

Do you think that this situation with two device as described can lost all the other device in the dongle?

Thanks for all

From what you have said and from personal experience - I can understand how just altering a single piece of ZWave Equipment could have been the key item that destabilized both of our systems. Since, in an area where the signal is not optimal, it is possible that all of the devices within the node mesh are critical in helping the weakest or farthest devices receive the signal from Vera.

More importantly, from the hours I put into solving my sudden error code problem I now have an appreciation for why, when linking a new device, the link must be done with Vera in the location where the device will be installed; since, as part of the process, Vera and the device must form that mesh of nodes as close to the newly installed device’s location. This is critical since the new device may have to rely upon the repeating capability of those other systems to operate properly. If the link between Vera and the new device is created away from where it will be installed (i.e. bringing the new Equipment down to where the Vera Controller is located to do the link), as I unhappily discovered, the nodes that are detected and installed will be significantly less than optimal.