Unable To Edit The Home Screen?


For some reason I can’t recall (or I’m unable) to edit the Home Screen section (the bkue button area at the top or left hand side) on the iPad (see screenshot)?

I thought I would click on the button and then the spanner, but that only puts the control screen into edit mode, not the home screen?

As the space on the Home Screen is used up, so there is no ‘+’ icon either - could that be a factor too? Plus I’m not able to even rename an existing button?

Am I missing something obvious? I must be?

Also Intrvler - While I have you do you have a blank back up file for the ipad I can use so I can start from scratch again, or if you a likely to get a reset option in the next (Testflight) beta I could wait for that.

Odd, clicking the spanner should put both the home and control screens into edit mode. You should then be able to select a button and click the spanner again to edit (rename) it.

If you want more buttons on the home screen, you can select (tap & drag) a block of existing controls, then hit the Grid button to make them smaller and add an extra row or column of empty controls.

I don’t have an emtpy save file handy. Quickest way to start over is to delete the app from your phone, then reinstall it.

If I click the button, I go into edit mode, but I can not get the spanner to come up again when I click on a home screen button.

The tool bar only adjust to selections on the control screen? Very strange, it’s as if that area if frozen in edit mode.

Also, there is no ability it seems to exit edit mode without saving, the only way to do it is to click save? Is that right?

This is actually a bug. There’s a fix in the beta to be posted presently