Unable to edit meshbot

I have some old Ezlo meshbots I cannot edit in Ezlogic.mios.com. When I make changes and save it returns error: “Unable to save the meshbot. Reason: undefined.”

I can readily edit the meshbot using the old Vera iPhone app where it was originally created. Since the new MIOS iPhone app doesn’t allow meshbot editing I can’t change it there.

Wondering if the old Vera app created some sort of file/record inconsistency with newer rules engine.

A secondary observation is the scene is active in Vera iPhone app but shown as inactive in Ezlogic.mios.com page.

Third observatio is the triggering device for these scenes is an Aeon MiniMote handheld. In the devices page of the ezlogic.mios.com web site it is showed greyed out as if something is wrong. This device would have been included to Ezlo under the Vera app in 2022.

The scenes work as well they just aren’t the functionality I require anymore.

Update: I used MS Edge and I can edit the meshbots.

Hello @curiousB

Could we continue via support ticket to enable remote access and check your controller? We need to get access to check a few things, but after that we’ll post the solution here on the thread so the community can see it

You guys are listed in users of my hub so I think you have admin access already

Hello @curiousB

Yes, there is a support account in your controller for the Zooz Zen77 integration request. However, we still require your permission to proceed.

Thank you.

In my prior experience editing a Meshbot rule in the mobile app can corrupt the rule. I always just use the Ezlogic webUI to create and edit rules.