Unable to communicate with Kwikset lock

I have a Kwikset lock that I have been using reliably for about a week. Now that I am away from home, however, I see on mios.com that it is not communicating with the Vera Lite. I consistently get the “unable to get any information on the node” response.

I would love to get this working again, but I am not able to remove and readd the lock to the network as I am not there.

My greatest concern is that I have a temporary code for a cleaning service. Is that information stored in the lock such that my cleaning service will be able to use their code, or do temporary codes require communication with the Vera in order to work when used?

Okay, my Vera and my lock are suddenly communicating again. I wish I understood better how this system worked so that I can avoid this confusion in the future.

That being said, for my own future reference, will scheduled temporary codes (ie, Tuesdays 0800-1200) work if the lock loses connection with Vera? Ie, is Vera only required to program the lock or does the lock need to communicate with Vera when the code is entered?

Thanks for the help.

Well, despite the fact that the lock and the Vera are now communicating, the temporary code did not work this morning as scheduled. Any ideas?

How far is the lock from Vera? Do you have any other zwave devices that are close the the lock?

  • Garrett

[quote=“garrettwp, post:4, topic:172497”]How far is the lock from Vera? Do you have any other zwave devices that are close the the lock?

  • Garrett[/quote]
    About 15 feet. I actually solved the problem with the temp code not working… My Time Zone was off.

I am still concerned about the vera having lost contact with the lock. Would the code have worked, assuming the correct time zone was set, if connection had not been reestablished?

I believe Vera would need access to write the pin to the lock. But once the lock has the pin programed, you should not need access to Vera. Locks are very finiky. The solution is to have other zwave devices near the lock that support beaming.

  • Garrett