Unable to bridge Vera's

Hi. I’m trying to bridge two Vera’s but can’t. I am unable to check the box for “Scan for UPnP devices” under UPnP in add devics. It won’t allow be to check the box and scan for new devices. It’s like its locked out or something. It’s the same for both my Vera 3 and my Vera Lite, and did it with both current firmware and also after I upgraded to the beta firmware to support the Aeotec Multi-sensor.

What am I missing? I was hoping to get this all configured today but I should have known better.

Thanks for any input.


Are you trying to use Internet Explorer? I had to switch to Firefox to get a lot of options working properly.

Yes I’m using IE7. Don’t have Firefox. Interesting. So I tried it on my iPad using Safari and it started the scan just fine. I’ll see how it comes out in 10 minutes.

Thanks for the great idea. I hope it works the rest of the way now. Not that I understand but that’s pretty bizarre it doesn’t work on IE.



I now have Firefox installed and might be a convert. We’ll see. More importantly my Vera Lite’s are importing to my Vera 3 now.

Thanks again for the solution. I might get it all done today yet. Until the next step…


Glad you at least get to play with your system now. Have fun.

Also notice that with Firefox the UI5 device icons are much more consistent. Meaning they actually show up now almost all the time.