UN-bridge Vera3 and Vera Lite [SOLVED]

So I bridged my Vera3 and Vera Lite together by adding a UPNP device like the instructions say, just as a test.

And it worked. ???

The problem is, I’ve searched the forum high and low for how to undo it. I can find no shortage of threads on issues with bridging and how to get it to work, but can’t find anything on how to undo the bridge. I want to repurpose my old Lite as a standalone ‘test’ unit.

Either way I’m sure it’ll all go pear shaped when I give the Lite a new reserved IP in DHCP so would like to break the bridge before I change the IP.

I would also like to know how to unbridge. In my efforts to get my VeraEdge and VerLite bridge (finally successful) I got them bridge in both directions and would like to break one of those bridges so that it only goes one way.

Well it looks like I stumbled across the answer by accident.

On the “Master” Vera you want to unbridge from (in my case the Vera 3), I was using PLEG to add an action and noticed Device #343 MIOS in my device drop down list.

I then used the http command to delete a hidden device:

http://MY_VERA_IP:3480/data_request?id=device&action=delete&device=343 (Replace the device number with your device number.)

This removed the MIOS UPNP device and all of the Vera Lite devices from the Vera 3.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, that worked for me also.