Ummm Problems

Let me say that yesterday I spent the entire day setting up vera for a 15 device z-wave network, most of that time was spent on figuring out all the workarounds for the bugs in the setup/dashboard. I regret to say I am really disappointed since I am coming from months of the trial version of homeseer pro which i set up in a matter of hours in a vm on my server with 6 other os’s but got steered away cause of various small bugs and non-connection related bugs in the iPhone app. The main issues with Vera that come to mind was the setup wizard kept timing out, ghosted zwave devices added to the network, I would update a scene controller event SAVE it and it would no longer show up in the dashboard even after countless reloads and using another browser but the event still worked then hours later probably after a reset they showed up again. I also had connection issues to devices prolly about 25 feet away line of sight “with devices in between” and thru one wall but those seemed to have fixed themselves, the html based smartphone/text web based app still won’t connect even after opening ports disabling firewalls changing from automatic config to static ip, none of the mios marketplace apps will install, and I still can’t figure out the activation code for mios even after using wifi password mac address serial number.

Anyone got any ideas? haha

My first suggestion is to run a heal network with config.
What FW are you using and what branch of Z-Wave, 2.78 or 3.20?
What URL are you using for the Smartphone app?
If the MM is not working for you, were you able to downloaded the Smartphone app?


Wecome to Vera!! :-\