UK Z Wave and Wireless Alarm System

I currently have a Wireless Alarm system that runs on 433 Mhz, it’s getting old and beginning to play up so the easiest thing is to replace it with a Wireless one. My question Here in the UK Z-wave runs at 868.42 Mhz, the new alarm panel would run on 868.66 Mhz will I get interference ? is anybody running a Wireless Alarm on 868.66 Mhz and Z-wave ?.

The following is the answer I got from the alarm panel manufacture I was going to use

"We would advise you to contact a professional installer to install the i-on 16. We would also recommend a installer that is NSI or SSAIB registered. If the installer is registered with us he can discuss the i-on 16 technical radio details with us and your installer can also discuss the home automation system radio technical details with the home automation system manufacturer before he installs the i-on 16. " You guessed correct… will not be re-placing my alarm with one of theirs ::slight_smile:

Next email was sent to Vesternet z-wave supplier “No, there shouldn’t be any interference. The 868 band has strict regulations governing things like “duty cycle” so a transmission from one system shouldn’t interfere with a different system. I recommend the Visonic as there’s a great plugin for it that integrates it into Vera”

So I am now the owner of a new Visonic alarm panel, bought the basic kit version in case ;D I have had it running now for two weeks with a couple of sensors attached to it, one sits next to a fabrio door sensor, no problems with lights turning on or off by themselves :slight_smile: will buy all the sensors now and connect it to an external siren, as it seems there is no interference.