UK GLS Touch Switches Compatible?


I have been looking at these switches they are RF controlled and come with a remote. But i’m having difficulty finding out if they can be controlled by Vera with a RFXtrx?

I have asked the company directly but haven’t got a response yet. I was just wondering if anyone had tried to make these work.

There was a comment on an amazon listing that they are working with the Broadlink RM Pro, but i’m not sure if that works with Vera.

Any suggestions or comments much appreciated.


I can’t say for sure but my guess right now would be no. The maker claims on their website that the product is not compatible with any other devices. On Amazon UK the switches are described as using the 433.92 Mhz frequency band but I didn’t see that on the manufacturers web site anywhere. It might be possible that the RFXtrx transceiver firmware could be modified to add compatibility with these switches if it doesn’t already exist. But only RFXCOM could do that.

Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking that might be the case. Company still hasn’t replied so i wouldn’t think they are going to be very pro-active about anything.

Plan B now is to get switches that can be controlled by alexa and then see can i control those via vera for scenes etc.

They look the same as Livolo but maybe they use another RF protocol.
Check with RFXmngr on a Windows system if you can control the glstouch module using Lighting6 - Livolo.

And can you control the Livolo switches with RFXtrx and Vera?

Much Appreciated.

I would say then there isn’t much difference between the 2.

My advice is stay away from them. I still got about 4 or 5 of those switches laying around.

They are not 100% working with RFXTRX in vera. The string length the switches expect to receive is much longer than the ones sent by any supported protocols. The only way to get them to work, (in imperihome on top of vera plus) was to send any combination of two consecutive commands (on+on / on+off / off+off). This would toggle the switch state. This would only work in AD (LightwaveRF) or Lighting4 protocol.
They work OK with their original remote.

Anyways, after transforming my bedroom in a disco bar of the 90’s, in the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep, on two separate occasions, under wife’s pressure i had to replace all of them.
Very unreliable. When you less expect it, they just start switching on and off continuously, till you reset them.
If you want something reliable go for Lightwaverf / Byron for 433(RFXTRX) or ZWave, if you can afford it.