Does anyone know if this supports ui7

I guess not… :frowning:

The plugin works with UI7, you just have to update it to the latest version (thanks to garrettwp) :

Another cool feature is that you can add a camera that will display the album artwork (which also works with UI7):

"Displaying cover art for the current song

  1. Create new camera device(s) for the room(s) equipped with Squeezebox(es)
  2. Configure the new camera device(s):
    IP address: IP address and port of your Squeezebox Server (:)
    Path: music/current/cover.jpg?player= (replace with the MAC address of the player; IP address should work too)
    Example Screen Shot"

I’ve tried to get this working to no avail on UI7 using a new Vera 3. My next option is to try it on my Vera Lite running UI5. If that works I guess I’ll try rolling the Vera 3 back to UI5.

It looks like Micasaverde have tried to make UI7 as user friendly for the non-technical at the cost of functionality for the more technical.