UI7 - Vera Firmware Update - Version 7.0.31 + new Cloud storage service (1.7.5185/1.7.5186/1.7.5187) - September 2nd, 2020

I rebooted because the error message told me to. Guess I will cut a ticket to support.

Roger what happened with yours did you have the same problem I described above?

If so that’s three of us now. I can tell Vera support others are having the same problem.

Not quite. I pressed the upgrade button, was taken to the usual backup page where I proceeded to back up the Vera. Hit the upgrade button and it gave me the 15 minute warning and then about 2 minutes in, it threw an error that it couldn’t download the upgrade and I should reboot. UI now just shows 403 Forbidden though as mentioned I can get in through putty and Winscp. My files still appear to be there as well as my exroot drive.
root@MiOS_xxxxxxxxxx:~# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs 10.6M 1.1M 9.5M 11% /
/dev/root 8.0M 8.0M 0 100% /rom
tmpfs 124.3M 2.4M 122.0M 2% /tmp
/dev/mtdblock7 10.6M 1.1M 9.5M 11% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay 10.6M 1.1M 9.5M 11% /
tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev
/dev/sda1 487.8M 26.9M 431.3M 6% /mnt/sda1
/dev/sda2 54.4G 182.6M 51.4G 0% /mnt/sda2
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 11.4M 38.6M 23% /storage
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 11.4M 38.6M 23% /etc/cmh-firmware
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 11.4M 38.6M 23% /etc/cmh-backup
/dev/mtdblock9 1.1M 1.1M 0 100% /mios
/dev/mtdblock10 50.0M 11.4M 38.6M 23% /etc/cmh-ludl
/dev/mtdblock11 19.3M 948.0K 18.3M 5% /ezmi
/dev/mtdblock11 19.3M 948.0K 18.3M 5% /etc/cmh
/dev/mtdblock6 8.0M 8.0M 0 100% /mnt/mtdblock6

Some additional info:
In the log.check_internet file I see this.
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- Check file : /etc/hosts
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- Ping host : test.mios.com
ping: bad address ‘test.mios.com
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- File : /etc/hosts OK
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- Delete the interface from the dropbear config
uci: Entry not found
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- Restart dropbear. Available interfaces:
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- netstat:
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 3850/dropbear
tcp 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 3850/dropbear
2020-09-03_14:26:45 -[3802]- Running Start_NetworkMonitor.sh
That domain doesn’t resolve in Google DNS, quad9 or on my PiHole.

I’m still waiting about two years in Germany for implementing new Devices POPP KEYPAD …
and now ??? nothing ???

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2 upgrades on Vera plus - no issues. Both devices came back to normal after approx 10min.

Just looked at my Vera Edge all my devices, scenes, rooms and all installed plugins etc have vanished :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Once again Vera screws it up. With the update all my Kwikset locks no longer work. I will have to contact the incompetent folks at Vera to try and figure it out. I have low expectations from the folks at Vera but I guess not low enough.

I have all kwikset deadbolts and everything works great, just fyi.

I raise again that I have been waiting for a few years for Vera to be able to configure the Leviton VIZIA RF + 4-BUTTON REMOTE ZONE CONTROLLER, VRCZ4-M0Z as a ZONE controller, rather than as a Scene controller. There are significant differences in the functionality between a Zone controller and a Scene controller. You will notice that Leviton also makes a Scene controller, but it is the Zone controller that really is the more useful.

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Vera support have restored a backup of my Vera Edge and all my devices and plugins are now back.

Regarding the Open WRT version they said the folllowing:

"Unfortunately, we couldn’t see why the update failed at the beginning because Verbose logging was disabled.

The version that it was running was 124 and it should be running 133 which is now."

Does anyone know how to tell what version of OpenWRT your Vera unit has?

So I can check my other Vera Plus.

Hi @cw-kid,

You can see this in the file /etc/openwrt_build.

My Edge says 133, plus 240.

Cheers Rene

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I thought I looked in the /etc folder earlier but I couldn’t see any OpenWRT folder.

I’ll check again later.


I updated my Vera Plus. The update went well and it reports that it is updated to “the latest version 1.7.5186 (7.31)

I see no problems and it looks like it has gone well. I a really thrilled to see that it is intended to address “not being able to set weekly restrictions on Schlage BE469ZP and BE468ZP locks.”

I think I will have to unpair and the repair the lock. Does anyone have insight into this before I go to that trouble?

Thanks VERA for addressing this problem.

Running Vera here, didn’t upgrade yet and my build is 124.

It that ok, should it be 133 before or after the upgrade?

Is it a Vera Edge?

I was told the OpenWRT version should be 133. Before or after? I’m not sure.

Mine was still 124 after the upgrade apparently. Vera support updated it to version 133 somehow.

That’s all I know. And for Vera Plus I don’t know what versions they should be.

I’ve just checked my Vera Plus which I have not upgraded yet.

The OpenWRT version currently is 240.

@reneboer have you upgraded your Vera Plus yet?

My upgrade failed on this upgrade… Does anyone have any steps to rebuild it from putty?

I have a backup, taken just prior to the upgrade.

Or am I best raising with support?

Update: after no further actions being taken, VP was still no further forward, 6 button reset, and this appears to have kicked off the firmware update again. On completion, a couple of devices missing.

Many many thanks to all of those who have attempted an upgrade and reported and shared the experience with those of us who are not as proficient at getting things fixed again. Please know I appreciate it and that I will be waiting for more happy results before updating. regards.


I updated my Vera Plus.

The update also went well and it reports that it is now on “the latest version 1.7.5186 (7.31)

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No, I am running 7.30 on both still.