UI7 Scenes not completing

I have a Vera Plus using UI7. For the scene in question I have a sensor on my front courtyard gate which detects when its open/closed. I also have a z-wave switch which controls the courtyard lights.

Years ago I created a scene which turns on the lights when the gate is opened, waits 10 minutes and then turns the lights off. This scene worked fine until ~6 months ago when it would properly turn the lights one but not always tun them off - now maybe works 30-50% of the time.

A few months ago I added a second condition to try and turn the lights off a second time after 20 minutes. This didn’t seem make it work any better.




I assume you are using the delay function in the Vera scene builder? If so, your action may not complete if the LUUP engine reloads during the delay interval, as timing are lost across a reload. Check your logs to se if you’re getting a lot of LUUP reloads.

Yes, I am using the scene builder’s delay function. I’ve found the log but not sure what a LUUP start/restart looks like. Does this snippet show a LUUP restart…?

No, that is a normal message that indicates that the user.data json file has been backed up. This occurs every six minutes. The message give a false impression that something bad has happened.

A LUUP restart will look something like this:

2021-01-19 12:17:05 - LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 0

03 01/19/21 12:17:06.153 LuaUPNP: starting bLogUPnP 0 <0x777ee320>
02 01/19/21 12:17:06.265 UserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure start 1 <0x777ee320>
02 01/19/21 12:17:06.680 UserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure 8154 res:1
blah, blah, blah

and will then be a dump of the startup process, which can be extensive.

Didn’t see any restarts in the log file so I tried opening the gate to trigger the scene again. This did lead to at least one restart

I recommend using Reactor for purposes of this nature, as its jobs survive Vera restarts in predictable ways, at least so subsequent, delayed steps get executed.

FYI, I trust NO Scenes to Vera natively, and would strongly recommend against using native Scenes or Luup when Reactor could be invoked instead. Just a suggestion!

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@Ray-T if the delay is more than I would say 3 minutes I would like LibraSun recommend using a tool like Reactor for the delay. However, you can probably get your scene more reliable by getting rid of the LUUP reloads. My guess, your device is getting close to full, or you have a plug in that is giving you problems. If you aren’t on the latest firmware, the last 2 versions of the firmware are much more stable than they have been well since a very very long time, and you might seem some improvement. Just be very cautious, if you go this route, make sure you have a z-wave network back and normal backup completed and ready to go if your vera doesn’t survived the update (very full Veras have the hardest time completing successfully).

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I’ll give Reactor a try when I get a chance. Thanks!


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Yes, the delay is 10 minutes. As LibraSun suggested I’ll give Reactor a try.

I do have the latest firmware and a few weeks ago did purge any unused plugins and scenes but that didn’t seem to make a difference. As I mentioned before, this had worked fine for years until maybe 6 months ago, and I’ve not added to the system in that time.



Quite ironically, one of my Reactor recipes involves watching for Luup restarts, for each of which I receive a notification via email. Thus, I can tell you that my Vera Plus restarts approximately 3x daily (that’s up from 2x daily, once I upgraded her to the latest firmware!).

It’s definitely a phenomenon which affects many installations, to be sure.

Mine definitely went in the opposite direction, I went from 2-3 a day to < 1 a week. In fact I have one plug-in that doesn’t like the fact that the engine is not reloading, so I now schedule one engine reload a week just to keep that plug in a bit more healthy.

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