UI7 display degrees centrigrade?

Managed to get my Vera Lite back into life after a firmware update to UI7. Ended up doing hard reset.

How can I get all temperature sensors and the weather widget to display in degrees centigrade please?

Go to Unit Settings and you can change it there.

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There is not section or tab called ‘unit setting’ under version 1.7.374 that I can see.

Users & Account Info > Unit Settings

Would be nice if I could access this :frowning:

Every time I click on the tab labelled ‘User and Account Info’ it displays the sub-menu options and then takes me back to https://home.getvera.com/dashboard/myunits regardless of what I do next. There is a bug with the UI7 s/w from what I can see.

There sure is. I can only access this page after authenticating with home.getvera.com. It’s hard to see why I need to authenticate myself to set something as basic as the unit system. I suspect it was an oversight.

Probably, like everything Vera, this works better on some browsers than others. Try a couple.

Edit: Are you feeling adventurous, and know your way around a Unix shell? You can hand-edit the userdata to set the temperature scale. It’s in the TemperatureFormat attribute of the root element. Here’s how: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,5154.msg81276.html#msg81276