UI7 Device changes type

Has anyone else seen an issue where a device changes type ? A fibaro dimmer FGD211 was working ok and as expected, all of a sudden I’m getting a report that a device is not working. When I go into the dashboard I see that this device has now changed all of it’s parameters and it thinks it’s a battery powered sensor!.

I was doing some inclusions with a couple of battery powered sensors at the time so it looks like somehow it has transposed that into an existing device. Looks like it’s fixed with an remove and re inclusion but most odd. I’ve never seen that before.

I’ve noticed exactly the same behavior. I’ve noticed few times already, that random devices switch their types suddenly - i.e. window shutter is displayed as a Thermostat, or Wall Switch is shown as Smoke Detector.

I haven’t yet found a good solution to that and not too sure how to properly recover from this situation. Can anyone please help?

Hi guys,

Can you send us a trouble ticket from our support page so we can look into this specific issue ? You can do that from the form below :