UI7 Dashboard Button Formatting/Position

I searched the forum and was not able to locate anything on button formatting, position, overlapping, etc. Any insight would be appreciated.

I utilize UI7 and everything works fine with my Vera to DSC panel via my Eyes-On card, but I have the stay/arm buttons overlapping in the dashboard view on my PC.

The attached screenshot shows what I am talking about ???

I use a MAC with Safari as my primary PC but verified that it looked the same on my son’s Win7 PC with Chrome.

If there are visual discrepancies in the UI7 Dashboard, of the form that you’ve shown, then that’s likely a UI7 regression and the GetVera Support folks need be contacted to do first-order diagnostics of their product.

The JSON (UI) of the DSC is from UI5, and UI7 needs to be compatible without requiring changes to the UI5 codebase, or other manual work-arounds.

For what it’s worth, I see the same thing since updating to UI7, so it is definitely something with UI7.

At least I am not the only one!

Guessed…thanks for the information. I am going to open a ticket and see where it goes! I will provide updates for those interested.

any update on this…I had the same thing happen but it fixed itself but I wonder what happened

Hi all,

We added new rules for positioning device controls for generic devices (plugin devices), take a look here : Luup plugins: Static JSON file - MiOS
It toked us a while to implement this, but from now on this will be the rules that needs to be followed by developers in order to properly display the controls.

Best Regards,

  • Andrei -

The latest software push straightened it out on my end and it is working fine now…