UI7 button formats


I’m pretty new to programming anything in Vera, so sorry for my stupid questions. With the new UI7 firmware, I’ve noticed button formats are all over the place. Some of my plugin-created devices had text dangling out of the area it was supposed to be in.

Attached is an image showing how my humidity sensor is off. The data is pushed down several lines. It also lacks a % sign, but that’s not as important.

Also attached are the XML and JSON files for some dummy switches that I am using to toggle a complicated motion detector system. I made copies of the S_BinaryLight1 files and modified them very slightly to make a manual/auto switch. Notice that the switch itself on the manual/auto device is again pushed down several lines.

The question is, where is this formatting being controlled? My original trials with creating a manual/auto switch I was using urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1. The formatting was correct on all my switches, but I found that it changed all my other light switches to “manual”/“auto” instead of “on”/“off”.

PS I’d really like to change my motion detectors to toggle between “armed”/“disarmed”, rather than this really confusing “arm”/“bypass” nonsense.

The way controls are positioned on UI7 tiles is different to the way it was done in UI5. We have asked for information about the new mechanism and to find out if it is a temporary or permanent situation. Watch this space for any forthcoming answers.