UI7 and Bridging

Most of the complaints about UI7 seem to center around ongoing problems with the universe of Plug Ins. Is it possible to Bridge a UI7 Vera with a UI5 Vera, using the UI7 device for the ZWave and the UI5 device for the applications plug ins?

I’ve had nothing but problems with UI5-UI5 bridging but alwasy because I have plug ins on both Veras and many of them seem not to work in Bridge mode. But what if one restricted the UI7 device to ZWave attachment and made it the slave in a UI7-UI5 pair with all the apps running under UI5?

Would that work?

As stated in other threads asking about bringing recently. Both Vera’s must be on the same firmware for you to use bridging. You can not mix firmware versions.

  • Garrett

It has been posted that bridge mode only works with thr same UI and not on the edge. With that said I have not tried it or seen anyone post their exact experiences yet.

Good luck following along to see where it goes.

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