UI7 and Android App and lots of problems!

so far, I moved from an older Vera to a new one with UI7. I will first off saying, this was a massive mistake, the UI7 looks pretty, but looks so huge that nothing fits well on the screen, and just is so damn clunky Im thinking this is the reason I will leave to a Wink or something else.

first off, the issues…

UI7, there is no easy way to turn on or off a device in the list view. No on/off or dim options! bad design? (am i doing something wrong?)

Dimmer buttons, the on/off get overlapped in the so its hard to turn on or off.

Android: the App , there is no buttons, I can run scenes, but nothing works! I am forced to have ImperiHome to do everything, but since it does not do geofence’s i have to have both options (Geofence btw almost never works!)

MY SHortcuts! how do I add things here… this interface is so clunky, I want my old UI5 back!!!

and this thing keeps teling me some device is not responding from 16 years ago!!

Not only android, Vera UI7 ios app is terrible. Anytime I want to give it a try, the app is frozen. You can try some third party app. I am using veramate for ios and love it.

AuthomationHD for Android is rock solid. Too bad UI7 is still a train wreck. I want to love it but instead it keeps trying to make me hate it! Why?!?

I may have to completely start over. Seriously considering it. Maybe my Vera network is just fubar and needs a do-over.

ui5 and ui7 looks the same on imperihome and Homewave to me. Have you tried something better then the stock apps?