UI7 - Adding An Existing User

I have 2 Vera systems that I set up and I’m the administrator of both. When I login I can choose which one I want to go to. Great. Now I have installed a 3rd Vera and made someone else the admin. I tried to add myself as a user but I get the message that the user already exists. Is there a way, a workaround or something, to be able to be added as a user of other Vera systems?

Really, nobody has anything on this?

I’m having the same problem.

If a user exists, it means that user name is already in GetVera’s database registered to someone else. If your 3rd Vera is on someone else’s account, then you can’t add a user with the same name as one that is already on your account. Or so I have been let to believe…

For example, if you have a user XYZ, if I try to create a user XYZ on my Vera I will get the message that the user already exists. As it does, since you have it. Seems that’s how the user database is set up.